Lock and Loaded for Oceanman Benidorm

After a month of hard training (more than 104 km in the last month, and incl. 38 km last week), I’m ready to swim the two marathon swims that I signed up for this month. “Hell week” is over.

The first swim is this Sunday: Oceanman Benidorm: The Final is the last stage of the Oceanman open water swimming series.

Then comes my last marathon swim of the year: Travesía La Bocaina (15 km from Lanzarote to Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands), which I’m very much looking forward to (B15 Active – Asoc. Aguas Abiertas Lanzarote).

As one recent donor wrote:

“Yo hago lo que tú no puedes y tú haces lo que yo no puedo. Juntos podemos hacer grandes cosas!!!”

“I do what you can’t, and you do what I can’t. Together we can do great things!!!”

INDEED. I could not agree more.

Please note I’m doing these swims to raise funds for the Red Cross Emergency Aid projects. Please share this my blog or my fundraiser page (http://bit.ly/SwimDonate) and consider donating (again?). 100% of donations go to the Red Cross. My costs (traveling, registration for events, etc.) come out of my own pocket.

Thank you!

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